Webinar Replay: Build Your MSP Pipeline and Explode Your Sales Growth

Will 2019 be your best year ever or just another year muddling along? It is estimated that only 10% of all MSP’s actually have a good sales process and are good at selling.

Watch this webinar replay with Brad Stoller, National Director of Business Development at The PT Services Group, as he shows you creative ways where you can get in the door to your best prospects and innovative ways that you can warm up those prospects to eventually become your best new clients.

If you had a great year in 2018 for growth – congratulations! If you are wanting to go even farther to explode your growth even more, then register for the webinar.

If 2018 was lackluster at best for your growth, then this webinar should be mandatory for you to sponge off some revolutionary ideas that will help make 2019 your best year ever.

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Webinar Replay

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About Our Presenter

Brad Stoller enjoys a dynamic entrepreneur mindset and enjoys helping others succeed. From delivering newspapers to real estate investing to insurance agency ownership, Brad has experienced the classic “highs and lows” of entrepreneurship. Brad was brought into the PT Services Group to find areas of growth for the successful appointment setting firm.

As a former golf professional, Brad moved on to owning several franchise stores, purchased numerous single and multiple family residential units, owned an insurance agency, and is now dedicated to helping businesses beef up their sales processes in order to drive profitable growth.
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