Webinar Replay: Cyber Security Liability Errors & Omissions Insurance

As you continue to build and grow your Cyber Security practice, it is in the nature of hackers to be a step ahead of cyber protection.

For that reason, every MSP/MSSP must make sure they have the proper Cyber Liability Errors & Omissions Insurance to protect their firm and their clients from these threats. During this presentation, we will review the necessary insuring agreements an MSP/MSSP must have in place, exclusions to be mindful of and what your clients must do on their end to stay protected.

Watch this webinar to understand the unique risks your IT business is exposed to every day and have created a complete, customized insurance solution to better protect your company.

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Webinar Replay

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About Our Presenter

Growing up in Columbus, Ohio, I played soccer for & graduated from The Ohio State University. Upon graduation, I left Columbus for Dallas to pursue a career in the technology industry. After a number of years growing an IT organization with two others and some changes in the market, I decided to make a transition into insurance. For a decade now, I have been working on a comprehensive Errors & Omissions (E&O) solution to keep small and medium size IT companies protected without breaking the bank. I have seen first-hand the staggering insurance premiums some IT companies have paid in the past, only to find out their policy did not cover what they thought. This is what lead me to create a one-of-a-kind Cyber Liability E&O policy called TechMal. Today, techrug is responsible for managing the Cyber Liability risks for over 900 companies in 47 states.
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