Webinar: The Right Tools for a Successful Sales Team

What does it take to make prospects want to meet with your MSP consistently? Closing new business for MSPs requires having enough opportunities at the very beginning. You must direct your attention towards the first stage of the sales system: sales development. In this webinar you will learn how MSPs are getting this done and doing so remotely. 

Join us on Thursday, April 29 at 11 AM EDT as Derek Marin, Founder of Simple Selling, takes us through an in-depth list of what MSPs sales teams should be doing to keep the conversations going with prospects. 

You'll hear what the key ingredients are, why they matter and how to cook them up. When great quality ingredients are combined the right way, you get more MRR! Save your seat today! 

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Thursday, April 29th at 11:00 am EDT

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About Our Presenter

Derek Marin founded Simple Selling, the agency that helps ambitious MSPs build brand power locally. Simple Selling's turn-key service combines marketing with sales to attract and target growth-oriented organizations who bring profit, not headaches. Say goodbye to one-off marketing activities and over dependence on sales reps.
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